Friends Foundation

Our ongoing effort to supporting humanity and the social responsibility


The foundation has responded to several requests for humanitarian relief. Here is a brief summary of our activities in this area.


We donated nearly Rs 10,00,000 to Indo American Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad. We donated money to the Lions Club of Nandigama to help build an eye hospital. We have conducted several health camps to provide health care to the poor. We donated 1200 pairs of eyeglasses to poor older people.

Poverty Relief and Aid to Formers

We provided financial help to directly to the needy, who were desperate for such help. We are proud to announce that due to our ability to respond to these needs in a timely manner we have been able to save lives. This is our highest achievement.
We have helped farmers by providing funds they needed to build their lift irrigation systems.  We have helped several children to get critical health care and saved lives.
We also have helped environmental agencies and nonprofit organizations.


By donating plates, cups and cooking utensils, we were able to render assistance to afternoon lunch programs at the primary schools.
We donated Rs: 1,00,000 to build a primary school in an urban colony of Bhadrachalam.
We donated Rs 1,25,000 to a child rescue shelter built by a TANA foundation in Vijayawada. This rescue shelter identifies hundreds of street children and provides them with temporary shelter, food, healthcare, and counseling until they are sent back to the bridge schools or to their parents.

Other Humanitarian Assistance

Mohan Nannapaneni built and donated an ultra-modern guest house worth Rs 30,00,000 to Sri Sita Rama Swamy Temple, Bhadrachalam. Though our purpose is not expressly religion-oriented, the foundation has donated money to several temples and churches across the state. Mohan & Shama Nannapaneni donated Rs, 1,25,000 lakhs to the Gujarat earthquake relief fund and Rs: 2,00,000 to the Tsunami Relief Fund, and Rs: 50,000 to the Kargil war relief fund. They have consistently responded when needed and are always willing to extend a helping hand to needy people in both India and the USA.

Sports give children the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, to exercise to improve their strength and coordination, and to have healthy interactions with teammates and competitors.

Nannapaneni Mohan and Friends Foundation sponsored “Bhadradri Cup”, a State-level invitation cricket tournament for several years. We donated nearly Rs. 5,00,000 for this tournament. Our goal is to promote sports in rural areas, where the youth, schools, and colleges get the least support from the government or corporate sponsors. The foundation sponsored a state-level women’s sports meet at Nandigama, Krishna Dist.

We have donated playgrounds to the tribal schools, and money to build playgrounds and sporting spaces at various schools and colleges.
We have provided financial assistance to poor athletes for their higher education expenses.

The foundation has donated sports kits, shoes and tracksuits for athletes. Our support has helped them to win championships & trophies. We enabled athletes and chess players to participate in national and international level events where they achieved additional championships. Friends Foundation is committed to advancing sports initiatives that make students and athletes stronger, happier, and healthier.