Friends Foundation

We have been training youth in improving their technical and communication skills so that they earn better careers.

Skill Development

Preservation of Ancient & Traditional Handcrafts

SPN arts & Crafts Promotion Trust in Tamil Nadu state takes around 50 unemployed youths from nearby rural villages and trains them free of cost in various ancient Indian arts like wood carving, stone sculpture, and traditional painting. When the students complete a rigorous four-year training program, they become fine artisans or craftsmen. Their training ensures they can earn a living while also ensuring the survival of ancient Indian handicrafts. We are contributing several lakhs of rupees to this organization. Our intention is to promote and pass on our traditional handicrafts to future generations by teaching and producing highly skilled artisans, creating employment opportunities, as well. The foundation is a proud supporter of this organization.

Skill Development Seminars

Our Foundation has been aiding and working with few vocational and technical educational institutions to train unemployed youth and students. We have sponsored and organized seminars and training classes for, students and as well as for teaching professionals.

We have conducted science fairs for rural students so that they get a chance to learn from the other students of corporate schools.