Rebuilding Rundown Schools

Our first school project was to completely rebuild a government elementary and high school in India. This school was rundown and shabby after years of neglect. Approximately 1000 children tried to learn in an unfurnished and generally unhealthy school environment. The children routinely were exposed to dust, noise, gusting winds, and the heat of the direct sun. Neither students nor teachers could focus on the education process, as the poverty-driven conditions were far below any reasonable standard.

Our foundation donated nearly US $200,000.00 and negotiated additional matching grants from the Government of AP. We raised another Rs 20 lakhs from budget allocations of members of Parliament. Special thanks are owed to Mr. Kambhampati Ram Mohan Rao and Mrs. K. Kamalakumari, who contributed Rs. 10 lakhs each from their allocations. With these funds, we built an entire school, complete with modern conveniences like new furniture, electricity, clean drinking water, sanitary facilities, and a nice playground. This school currently serves over 1,500 students. Additionally, we purchased and delivered all of the furnishings for the facility’s more than 40 rooms. The school now provides a fully functioning environment with all educational needs being met, as well as providing clean water, electricity, sanitary facilities, and even a recreational area. All of this was accomplished in a miraculously short 6-month time frame. We extend our thanks to Mr. Tummala Nageswara Rao, former minister of Roads & Buildings. Mr. A Giridhar IAS, and Mr. Natarajan Guljar IAS for the enthusiastic support they gave to our project.

The transformation of the school premises has been so dramatic and appealing that the Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu gladly inaugurated the building in July 2003. He greatly appreciated the gesture from Sri Nannapaneni and his unique team of friends. Their magnanimity will most definitely change the lives of thousands of students for years to come. The government graciously renamed the school as Nannapaneni Mohan Z.P. High School. Today, more than 1,500 students are enjoying a well designed, modern corporate environment at the school and seem to take great pride in attending. Since the inauguration of the new buildings, the school’s annual academic results have tripled.

Adoption to Set the Model – Our Way

After rebuilding the school, the foundation did not walk away and move on. Instead, we adopted it, to ensure that the facility is maintained and operated properly. The foundation employed cleaning personnel, watchmen and a few teachers to cover the shortage of staff, and we continue to pay the electric bills to reduce the financial burden on the school. We have provided notebooks to the students since the inauguration and shall continue, as needed.

Nannapaneni Mohan Z.P. High School, Bhadrachalam


This is a completely rebuilt High School. Where more than a thousand students getting a corporate level education.

Nannapaneni Mohan Elementary School, Bhadrachalam


This is another completely rebuilt Elementary school. We have contributed 100% funds to build this modern building. With this addition we are able to separate elementary children from high school so that there is less noisy environment for them. Hundreds of children are enrolled at present.

Courtyard of the School


Clean and Green is has become a standard for the new school. Children are learning the importance of greenery and clean environment. 

Toilets – A sanitized environment


This is the first Government school in this area to have clean toilets and running water. We set the standards high for public school. This has reduced a significant number of dropouts among girl student. 

Greenery is our Priority


Once it was filled with boulders, thorns and, trash is now turned in to a beautiful garden. The school has become a roll-model for many other government schools across the state. We thank the dedicated teachers and caring students.



We created a clean and even playground for children and their sports. earlier there were rocks, boulders, uneven surface filled with thorn-filled bushes. Children had no place for any sports activities.