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The prior condition of a Government school in the year 2002.This school educates more than 1500 children, from the lower-middle-class families

The story of a Rundown School

This school is not in a rural area but situated in heavily populated town. Where temples have cherished and multiplied while the Government-run schools were ignored entirely and rundown over the time. Both the population and the Government have neglected the basic needs for a healthy learning environment for the children. When this situation is brought to the attention of our founders Mr. Mohan Nannapaneni & Mrs. Shama Nannapaneni,  their immediate response was an instant decision to rebuilding this school. It has been executed successfully within six months of a record time.

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Exposed to the Elements : The children routinely were exposed to dust, noise, gusting winds, and the heat of the dire

Under the Roof: A collapsed roof of a classroom.

Toilets: The condition of Toilets

A pathetic classroom: A shabby classroom waiting for the Children.

Classroom in Realtime: The overcrowded classroom.
Drinking Water Source: The only water source for the entire school was in broken down shape.
Trash filled campus: The school was filled with trash and dirt. It’s not a clean environment for the children.
Multiple classrooms in one shed: A very noisy environment for both children and the staff.